Louisville’s Statue of David at the 21c.

According to The Huffington Post:

New Yorkers were treated to a giant, gold naked man on the back of a flatbed truck Tuesday. The replica of Michaelangelo’s statue of David made a pitstop in Manhattan while on its way to the 21c Museum Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky, on full view for surprised tourists and their cameras. The driver of the truck had to pay an exorbitant $130 toll to cross the George Washington Bridge for the viewing (and you thought your tolls were bad).”

According to Elizabeth Kramer’s article in The Courier-Journal,30-foot-tall ‘David’ statue to arrive in Louisville after today’s New York debut:

The statue by Turkish conceptual artist Serkan Ozkaya, called “David (inspired by Michelangelo),” is one of two copies of an original acquired by 21c Museum in Louisville…  Ozkaya created “David” for the 9th International Istanbul Biennial in 2005, but it collapsed there just after its installation. The artist restored the piece and created two copies, including the one that will make its way to Louisville.

The last time I saw the statue of David, it was at the Galleria dell’Accademia and we were all rushed out of the gallery because of an electrical fire that sounded like a herd of buffalo.   I was alone, and for a moment I thought I was going to die.  The crowd stampeded out of the place, and I, heart in my throat, decided to go have some bread and wine soon after.  That was a romantic time, and now that I’m 12 years older and faced with this gold replica…  Well…  It just sounds fun to go see.  And not for any dirty reasons.  I promise.  Romantic.  Not dirty.

Honestly, checking this out is just another excuse for me to get a fancy bourbon flight…and it also makes me feel so lucky that the 21c is in our town.  Seriously.  I always take visitors to see the artwork and drink the bourbon there, and it NEVER disappoints.

Go see awesome things at the 21c!

21c Museum Hotel

700 West Main Street
Louisville, Kentucky 40202