Falling Rock Park (the quarry)

When I moved to Louisville, people talked about a quarry where hipsters go swimming. Somehow I got through the whole summer without even trying to find it, and people who know me KNOW that I’m most at home when I’m submerged in water.  Lucky for me, my friend Laura invited me to go today, and I learned how to ‘go to the quarry’.

What you see in the photo above is the quarry.  It’s nice and large, and it’s really deep (I hear it’s used by divers for training and that there’s even a police car in the depths for diving exercises).  If you’ve never been to this place, the list below will help you when you go.  And I say “when you go” because you seriously need to go swim here.

1) It’s $10 cash to get in.  You need the cash.  There’s no ATM.  When you give the girl your $10, you have to sign a waver, basically saying that it’s not their fault if you die there.  You also need your id because you need proof that you are 18 or older.

2) You can’t swim in the quarry (like, if you think you’re going to swim laps there, think again).  It’s deep, and people aren’t allowed in the water without a floatation device.  Laura and I bought noodles from Walgreens on the way there.  2 for $5.  Done.

3) No glass allowed.  And they totally search your car.  The website says no alcohol, but we saw people with plastic cups and beer.  Lots of ‘em.  So if you want to drink beer at the quarry, bring it discreetly in cans and pour it into cups.

4) Wear shoes that you don’t mind losing.  No one stole any of my things, but your stuff is out in the open.  Be smart.  There’s a lot of rocks, so we wore our shoes and ditched them on the side of the quarry by the water.

5) When parking at the quarry, I’d stick to the outside edges (see below). Laura was almost blocked in, and lucky for us people where hanging out in their car and were able to move it for us.  Be smart when you’re parking.

I had an amazing time with friend Laura at the quarry:  we did some yoga, ate a smart picnic lunch, swam around on noodles, and watched people do crazy dives off tall rocks into the water.  I’m thinking I might go for a jump next time I go… And next time, we’re thinking of taking a large group AND getting there early in order to claim one of the many huts surrounding the water.

To read more about Falling Rock Park and the quarry, read this article by Ashley Anderson.  The list of need-to-know information (below) is from her article:

2465 Fendley Mill Road
La Grange, KY 40031

Monday-Friday, 1-8 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday, 8 a.m.-8 p.m.

Things to bring

  • $8 in cash for swimming (***prices seem to have gone up, so bring at least $10 to get in and possibly $20 for scuba)
  • $15 in cash for scuba diving (certified divers only)
  • A flotation device (float or noodle suggested)
  • Photo ID (18 and older only)

Additional info
Camping allowed for an extra fee ($22)  on Saturday nights.
Visit www.fallingrockpark.com or call 502.939.5049